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Maintenance Schedule - Four Stroke Outboards

First Service / 20 Hours

  • Engine oil and filter

  • Gear lube

  • On board fuel filter (if equipped)


  • Freshwater engine flush

  • Fuel treatment

  • Engine fogging

  • Disconnect batteries

100 Hours or Yearly

  • Engine Oil

  • Gear Lube

  • On board fuel filter

  • Marine grease fittings


  • Charge and inspect batteries

  • Check fluids

  • Visual inspection

  • Engine start

300 Hours or 3 Years

  • Engine Oil

  • Gear lube

  • Impeller

  • Spark Plugs

  • All fuel filters

  • Marine grease fittings


  • Fuel treatment

  • Freshwater engine flush

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Service Request

Maintenance is the life of your vessel. If you see something you're missing, let us take care of it. Feel free to call us during business hours for more information. You may also use this form to easily request service or repair. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.


Click the button below to view more contact information. Let's make sure your question or concern gets into the right hands.

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